There are two classes of membership in the Illiana Rangers Cowboy Mounted Shooting Club:

A. Active
All persons wishing to participate in the Illiana Rangers Club activities including matches, practices, meetings, cook-outs, camps, banquets, any other club activities and match preparations. Active members in good standing, 12 years of age and above, will have one vote on club issues.

B. Family
Family membership will include all immediate family members living in the same household. All family members 12 years of age and above will be given one vote each on club issues.

Membership dues for the Illiana Rangers are to be paid on the calendar year each January 1st.

New members joining the Illiana Rangers July 1st and thereafter shall pay dues of 1/2 the annual rate.

Active members (also referred to as a “single” membership) shall pay annual dues of $35.

Family members (immediate family as a whole) shall pay annual dues of $50.

Only members of the Illiana Rangers and their approved guests will be allowed to participate in club activities that involve riding and/or shooting.



Club officers may put any member on suspension who has through his or her actions:

1) caused or has the potential to cause personal injury to themselves, another person, property or livestock.

2) has projected their actions to appear to be of undesirable character.

3) has conducted themselves in a manner unbecoming of the Illiana rangers.

4) has been abusive or treated their horse  in any otherwise inhumane fashion.

5) has repeatedly acted in an unsafe manner in the handling of firearms.