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********NEW KID IN TOWN***********

Congratulations are in order to Eddie and Ardis Barbre on the birth of their 2nd little Ranger Emma Rose Barbre who weighed in around the 6 lb mark.


The Rangers made their presence known at Miamitown. Shooting for the weekend were: Dale Sowards, Duane Boyce, Ashley Boyce, Cary Barrow, Steve Miller, Jim Hayes, Rhonda Hayes, Alissa Hayes and Nancy Latham.

Ashley Boyce was burning up the balloons for a qualified ladies 3 win. Nice Shooting Ash!!


All the Rangers stuck around and shot on Sunday.

Dale Sowards had a qualified win in the Mens Level 1 Class. This was his MOVE UP win. WOW!! What a GREAT buckle he won from 1st OHIO CMSA.

Ashley Boyce won Laddies Level 3 for her 2nd qualified win. Laddies 4's look out.

Dog Days Of Summer Shoot Saturday

The Rangers were running hard and fast at the last Vigo County Shoot of the year. Saturday was a great shooting day for Dale Sowards who won men's level 1 with his first qualified win. Just 1 more for the buckle Dale!!    Kenny Flick battled neck to neck with Duane Boyce to secure a qualified win in men's level 2. Good shooting Kenny!  Rhonda Hayes won her ladies level 3 MOVE UP BUCKLE on her smoking fast gelding "Cowboy"!!!!  You go girl!!!!  Cami White won first both days in the wrangler class.  Watch Cami next year when she starts shooting!!!   

Jim Hayes (alias "Plain Ole Jim") won the Men's Reserve Overall and shot CLEAN!!  Nice shooting Jim!  Laddies overall was won by the lovely and sweet Adrianne Fowler.  Ladies reserve was won by Ashley "Little Sure Shot" Boyce. Make sure you don't find yourself in the cross hairs of these two chicks.

Dog Days Of Summer Shoot Sunday

Sunday was another great Ranger day!  Gregg Goelkner won his men's Level 1 MOVE UP BUCKLE by shooting clean with 6 shooters in the class. Way to shoot Gregg!!  Duane Boyce (alias "Pee Wee") had his first qualified men's Level 2 win on his 3 year old "Diggs"!!!  Good job Pee Wee!!!  

Sunday the Overall winner was awarded an OVERALL BUCKLE!!!  The winner was our own Richard Fowler!! Go figure! He and his gorgeous steed "Chisel" fell down on the 3rd stage but arose from the dust running like a phoenix. In an interview after the match we were told the reason he won was the fact that "Chisel" loves him. Whatever!

Laddies Reserve was won by Dottie Linville.  She signed autographs after the shoot. Great job Dottie!

Only 2 crashes to report: The lovely Laurie Barbre crashed ( she did not even cry) and finished the shoot like a real tough cowgirl. Adrianne Fowler crashed (she whined, whined and whined a little more) but finished the shoot like a true Ranger!!  These are two tough Cowgirls!

Saturday night found the Rangers raising the roof off the Texas Roadhouse!!  Sunday morning found several Rangers enjoying pancakes, bacon and sausage cooked by the "Martha Stewart" of the Illiana Rangers, Adrianne Fowler. Boy can that girl cook!!!



Big YEE HAWWW!! to Nancy Lathem for winning her Ladies Level 3 move up Saturday 07/19/08 at the Regulator Shoot in Tipton, IN. Way to go girl!

Dale Gibaudy and Teresa Wilson also competed at the shoot.

The Rough Rider shoot at Liberty 07/20/08 was a BIG success! Rangers that competed were Ashley Boyce, Duane Boyce, Allisa Hayes (with her black eye), Jim Hayes (who showed the crowd his trick riding skills), Dale "Slick" Sowards, Steve Miller, Richard Fowler, Cary Barrow, Dottie Linville and THE OVERALL WINNER.... Adriane Fowler.

Also in attendance but not competing were: Lisa Boyce, Rhonda Hayes (with her 2 black eyes), Stacy Barrow, Chrissy Barrow, Joy Fowler and Geraldine Soward.

Special thanks to the Fowler family for putting on a such a great "FEED" Saturday night!

5/19/08 UPDATE

The Rangers held their 1rst shoot at the Putnam County Fairgrounds and despite all attempts by Mother Nature to shut us down, the shoot went on.   Saturday the arena was to wet to use, so after checking out the entire facility, we found that the tractor and horse pull area was dry enough so we moved the shoot to that location.   Saturday night we were treated to a SPECTACULAR Fireworks Display at the fairgrounds.  None of the horses seemed to mind to much and all the spectators enjoyed the display!!

Saturday Results - Brad Grable got his 1rst qualifying win as a Level 1,  Mike McCool won his class and moved up to a Level 3.  Mike will be sporting his new Ranger move up buckle at the June Shoot, so be sure and check it out!!  John Sinclair, Richard Fowler and Mike McCool all shot clean.  Rangers Richard Fowler, Jim Hayes, Bob Chattin, Mike McCool, Steve Miller and Duane Boyce were all in the Top 10.

Sunday Results - Ray Quinn got his 1rst qualifying win as a Level 1 and Kenny Flick had a qualifying win as a Level 2.  Dale Sillery and Adrianne Fowler shot clean.  Adrianne Fowler won overall and Jim Hayes, Bob Chattin, Kenny Flick, Steve Miller, Duane Boyce and Ben Butler were also in the Top 10.

A special Thanks to Jolene Knauss (proud parent of Ranger Alexis Knauss) who manned the Concession  Stand and provided lots of good food and snacks for everyone this weekend!!

Rangers, we have lots of exciting events coming up, so be watching your emails for details!!!


Adrianne Fowler won Overall on Sunday, which counted as a qualifying win for her.  Cary Barrow won Men's Overall.  I'm sorry Adrianne!!


Rangers Cary and Chrissy Barrow, Duane, Lisa and Ashley Boyce, Ben and Marsha Butler, Bob Chattin, Richard, Adrianne and Joy Fowler, Jim, Rhonda and Alysia Hayes, Alexis Knauss, Dottie Linville, Steve Miller and Kami White all had a great time shooting at Mudville (Opps, I meant Rushville) this weekend.  Despite the wind, rain and mud, the shootin did go on!!

Duane Boyce almost had to have help loading up all the awards he won the weekend.  He won his class both Saturday and Sunday, shot clean both days, got limited overall on Sunday AND moved up to a Level 2.  Congratulations Duane!!!!

Overall was won both days by Rangers.  Bob Chattin on Saturday and Cary Barrow on Sunday.  Way to go guys!!!!

Limited Wrangler Kami White has moved up from cap pistols to dry firing real guns to get ready for next year.

Please keep Larry Rutledge in your prayers.  His father passed away last week. 

Our 1rst Ohio brother Dan App had a heart attack after completing the 2nd stage at Rushville on Saturday.  Richard Fowler and Karen Lee who are both EMT trained took care of him until the ambulance arrived.  Dan was taken to a local hospital and then transferred via helicopter to the Heart Center in Indianapolis.  He had 1 artery 100% blocked and another 20% blocked.  He had a stint inserted which corrected the problem.  Ben and I visited him today and he says he should be going home tomorrow.  He isn't very happy that the doctors say he'll have to miss the Classic next weekend, but says he feels much better!!


Shame on me, I forgot to mention all the awards being won by Rangers!!

Let's start off with the move ups!!  

Our President Jim Hayes won a move up to Level 5.  Rumor has it that he might have to get a bigger horse to carry around that big, new buckle!!

Don Utley  besides "letting it all hang out" moved up to a Level 2.  He'll also be sporting a new buckle.  Let's hope he gets a new pair of pants to go with it.

Nancy Latham won Ladies Limited Reserve for Levels 1 & 2 on Saturday and won a fancy leather halter.

At the Grand AM on Sunday, Rangers,  Dale Gibhaudy, Jim Hayes and Adrianne Fowler won their respective classes.

Our Grand AM was followed up by the big shoot at Tunica.  My results from that shoot are kind of sketchy, but here's what I know.  Bob Chattin placed 77th out of 279 and Richard Fowler placed 96th.  The big winner was Adrianne Fowler who won Ladies Reserve and came home with $1800, a new pistol and a new saddle pad.  Congratulations to all of you!!


Wow, what a busy but exciting couple of weeks we've had.  Rangers Jim Hayes, Steve Miller, Dale Ghibaudy and Nancy Latham represented our club at the Hoosier Horse Fair.  

The following week we hosted our Grand AM in conjunction with the Indiana Rough Riders at the Cloverdale Arena and Expo Center.  What a fantastic facility and a great turnout.  We had 86 riders on Sunday and the Rough Riders had about the same number on Saturday!  We also had lots of excitement at Cloverdale, we had vendors, a professional photographer  (check out www.coolshotphotography.com  to look at or order photos) and a 50/50 drawing that netted the club $117.  Ranger Ray Quinn was the first to start the rodeo section off by getting pitched from his new horse "Bucky" on Friday night.  Not to be outdone, Ranger Don Utley "let it all hang out" on Saturday when his horse set him on top of the saddle horn.  The rest of us just rode, shot and had a good time!

    2008 New Members

The Barrow family - Cary, Doreen, Chrissy and Staci;
Jeff Bell
Duane and Lisa Boyce
Amy Brachthauser 
Vincent Cagle
 Michael Clark 
Mary Kay Csire
 Andy & Hannah Dickey 
The Fowler family - Richard, Joy and Adrianne
Brad Grable 
Tim Guy
Grace Hein 
Vicki Hill
The Hodson Family, Chuck, Becky, Jordan, Amanda and Nathan 
Alexus Knauss
Dottie Linville 
Ray Lowry
The Milde Family - William, Sue & son Ken
Dale Sowards
Byron Temple
The Utley Family - Don, Krista and Cody; 
Rick Weber

The Rangers are not only signing up new members, our current members are adding to our ranks.  We want to Congratulate Eddie & Ardis Barbre and Gary & Melinda Sheese, who are expecting new little Rangers this year.